Rent to Own: Violin Rental


We believe that the right violin is a huge part of the development of a musician and therefore playing a high-quality instrument will help you improve your playing skills. Your abilities as a musician are enhanced when playing a fine instrument.

What is the Rent to Own program?

Rent a fine violin, viola or cello

To help more musicians and students to have access to fine instruments, we have come up with the Rent to Own program. The Rent to Own Program is a Rental of the instrument with the possibility of purchasing it.

Getting the right instrument is a challenge and involves playing. Therefore, previous to buying a fine instrument is more than important for the musician to try and play the instrument. So, in that way, our program also gives you the chance to discover your plans for a musical career and what you want in terms of sound and playability.

Get to know the process

Find out if you are eligible for the program

The Rent to Own is currently exclusive to European musicians and students. So you must be a resident in one country inside the European Union to enter the program!

Choose your instrument and the renting period

You can choose between the cellos, violas, and violins selected for the program and sequentially decide to rent for 1 or 2 years.

Deposit 20% upfront

We ask for a 20% of the instrument's price as an upfront deposit. And then pay monthly rental payments according to the period chosen.

1 year renting period

If you choose the 12 month rental period, you pay monthly 2.2% of the instrument price.

2 years renting period

Choosing the 2-year period you have monthly rent of 1.8% of the instrument’s price.

Owning the instrument

If you decide to own the instrument at the end, the 20% deposit will be considered part of the payment, together with the montlhy payments. If you decide NOT to purchase the instrument, you take only the 20% deposit back.

Highly qualified experts on hand to help & advise

It’s time to own your fine instrument

Browse our instruments selection of the greatest makers and their available instruments. Our experts will always be on hand to advise the one that suits you best!

Why to choose Amorim Fine Violins Cremona?

We’re offer you a truly bespoke and unique experience. We understand the process of acoustics and are able to adjust each instrument individually to their full potential, always focusing in extracting the best sound out of it. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced musician or just starting out; here, we will take our time with you and listen to your needs. Every matter is treated individually and carefully handled by us. Our shop is a place where artistry, craftsmanship and quality are at their best.

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    Need some advice? We are here to help you! To better assist you, let us know precisely what you are looking for, and we will provide you the most suitable instrument for you and your playing style.

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