Notable Sales: The Finest Old Instruments


Our commitment to research, technology and the highest standards in artisanship combine to offer fine instruments of outstanding quality, unique character and unprecedented value. This page lists only a few of the many important notable sales of fine instruments sold by Amorim during these years.

Notable Sales

When I met the Amorim family for the first time in Cremona I felt a big trust from the start. They helped me to find my top level instrument with patience and professionalism. I appreciate the close collaboration which I can only recommend especially for those who are in the middle of the process to find their own Instrument. I bought a wonderful violin by Matteo Goffriller in the Amorim Workshop in Cremona.

Julian Fahrner, Concertmaster

When looking for a new instrument, one of the key elements for me was a rich, full, and warm low register. When I first took this violin into my hands, my mind was blown away by the power, depth, and richness of its sound! At the same time, the upper register of this violin has a very sweet and bright timbre. The combination of powerful and rich, yet sweet and singing made this Giovanni Marchi violin my “perfect match.

Justina Auškelytė Rossi, Violinist

Amorim Fine Violins offers a rare collection of fine musical instruments from all eras. The customer is welcomed by extremely kind and helpful staff, ready to carefully assist him in his choice, providing a beautiful location in the heart of Cremona to try out the instruments in complete tranquillity. They offer a complete, accurate and competent service, being themselves excellent luthiers and restorers.

Sara Pastine, Violinist

Anyone who enters the family-run studio will be treated to the ultimate Cremona experience. An atmospheric and busy violin workshop, a beautiful small hall with a vaulted ceiling to try out the wonderful instruments (old and new) and the most charming people who are dedicated to make you find the perfectly matching instrument. All this is not limited to the pure business, but may also be, as it was in my case, expanded to include large acts of kindness, which I won't reveal. One has to find out for oneself, it is definitely worth a visit.

I would like to thank you once again for your kind and warm welcome during my visit to Cremona and the friendly contact since then.
I am very happy with my beautiful Testore, which I am currently playing in its modern state for quartet rehearsals and I am looking forward to playing it after the conversion as a baroque violin.

Barbara Burgdorf, Violinist

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We’re offer you a truly bespoke and unique experience. We understand the process of acoustics and are able to adjust each instrument individually to their full potential, always focusing in extracting the best sound out of it. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced musician or just starting out; here, we will take our time with you and listen to your needs. Every matter is treated individually and carefully handled by us. Our shop is a place where artistry, craftsmanship and quality are at their best.

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