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Our expert team will provide an unrivaled level of expertise, which can be a significant advantage when reselling your fine instrument. You can have confidence in finding the right buyer for your fine instrument with us, knowing that it has been professionally reviewed and graded by some of the world’s best.

Why sell your fine instrument with us?

We are passionate about what we do

As sellers of exceptional violins, we understand the value and sentimental significance these instruments hold for their owners. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in dealing with high-quality violins on a daily basis. Our impressive track record boasts sales of masterpieces crafted by renowned makers such as Ceruti, Goffriller, Rogeri, and Gagliano, just to name a few. Thanks to our extensive network of buyers, we can guarantee that you will receive the best offer for your instrument. Let us assist you in finding a new home for your cherished instrument – you can rely on us for expert guidance and a smooth selling experience.

Amorim Fine Violins Cremona is a reliable partner that not only has a rich history but also provides worldwide services to the community of music lovers, players, and collectors. Our unique processes and client-oriented approach are keys to our success.

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Guaranteed fair prices

You will receive a fair and competitive price for your fine instrument, as well as quality service throughout the sales process.

We sell in a range of prices

With Amorim you can get an offer and find the best possible buyer for your fine violin, viola, cello or bow.

Differentiate marketing approach

We have an unique marketing protocol for each fine instrument available for sale. Customised according to its history and values.

We have a unique violin handling service

Our team of luthiers will provide an unrivaled level of expertise and adjust your instrument to its full potential.

Stablished network of professional musicians

We have access to a worldwide community of music lovers, players and collectors. The keys to our success lie in our distinctive processes and our focus on meeting our clients' needs.

Sell your fine instrument with Amorim Fine Violins Cremona

Rest assured that your musical treasure will be treated as a masterpiece – by someone who appreciates it.

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