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Welcome to the "What's New" section of Amorim Fine Violins Cremona. Here, we keep you updated on the latest events, news, and developments from our workshop and the world of fine string instruments. Stay informed about upcoming events, important announcements, new arrivals, and exciting projects as we continue our commitment to excellence in violin making and customer service.

Stradivarius and Beyond

Italian violin makers untold stories

Step into the past with our groundbreaking new YouTube series that uncovers the hidden narratives behind masterpieces that have shaped the history of classical music. “Stradivarius and Beyond” takes viewers on an immersive journey through time, delving into the lives and legacies of old Italian violin makers whose artistry defined an era.

In each video, we talk about the untold tales of these artisans, exploring their early years and the historical backdrop, uncovering the pathways that led them to become master craftsmen.  The series steps back in time to unravel the historical contexts that nurtured their talents, providing a deep understanding of how their creations resonated within the broader musical context of their era.

Upcoming Events

Amorim Fine Violins in San Francisco June 24&25
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Amorim Fine Violins in Los Angeles June 27&28
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Amorim Fine Violins in Verbier, as Partner Luthiers at the Verbier Festival

Eric Silberger

A special Luiz Amorim violin delivery

Amorim Fine Violins Cremona was honored to deliver a Luiz Amorim violin to the esteemed violinist Eric Silberger, winner of the prestigious Tchaikovsky competition prize. We organized a special concert at our workshop to celebrate this momentous occasion, where Eric showcased the exquisite tones of his new violin and others. For those who missed the live event, the recording will be available to view on our YouTube channel.

Recent Publications in The Strad Magazine

Delve into the fascinating world of violin making and restoration with our article featured in the Making Matters section. We unravel the story behind a remarkable 18th-century restoration battle against woodworms.

Explore the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of cello sound production in our feature article, “Redefining Soundscapes: How Amorim’s Model X and Finite Element Method are Transforming Cello Sound Production.” Discover how our revolutionary Model X bridge design, combined with advanced computational modeling techniques, is revolutionizing the way cellos sound.