Notable Sale: Violin By Pietro Giacomo Rogeri

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Pietro Giacomo Rogeri was an Italian violinmaker who worked in Brescia during the late 17th century. His instruments are rare, but they are highly sought after by collectors. This instrument was made during the period when the Italian violin makers were at their peak of production and quality.

Violin By Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, Brescia, C.1715

This instrument was made in the early years of Rogeri’s career, during a time when Italy was at the forefront of violin making and is characterized by its bold and expressive style. The violin has a very powerful voice with a strong core, balanced with a clear and present sound.

It has a beautiful golden-brown varnish that is very transparent and shows off the fine graining of the two-piece maple back very well.The instrument has an excellent sound with strong projection. This violin is an exquisite example of his work. It has a beautiful grain pattern on the back and sides and a golden-brown color. 

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Sara Pastine

Pietro Giacomo Rogeri, (1665 – 1724) – Brescia, Italy

Pietro Giacomo Rogeri was an active violin maker from the 18th century. An excellent craftsman, his work generally featured a great choice of materials, usually with bold scrolls and particular corners. He was the son of Giovanni Battista Rogeri, although sometimes had his name spelled as ‘Ruggerius’, there’s no proof of the connection between the Brescian Rogeri and Cremonese Rugeri families. Pietro Rogeri started to assist his father in 1690 and continued his ancestor’s work, however his earliest known label is from 1705.

Rogeri was one of the most important Italian violin makers of the late 17th century. His instruments are very rare, but their quality is undisputed, as is their high price when they appear on the market.

The school of violin making in Brescia

The violin has a long and storied history. The instrument has been around since the late 1500s, but it wasn’t until the 17th century that we see some truly beautiful examples of artistry and craftsmanship in its construction. In particular, Brescia, Italy had a very distinctive style of violin making that is still studied and emulated today. Italian violin makers used several techniques to achieve their signature sound.

The Brescian School was known for their craftsmanship, and Pietro Giacomo Rogeri was one of its most well-known violin makers. Although Brescia may have been the earliest city where the violin was first crafted, Cremona is the home of the world’s most known luthiers, like Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri. One thing that also helped these cities to emerge as the center of violin making is that the two most favored types of wood used, spruce and maple, were easily accessible in this region – indeed, they still are.

The early Brescian instruments, by Salò and Maggini, show a higher arching, favoring the violin to have a more like viola timbre tone. After Maggini and Salò the great Brescian maker was Pietro Giacomo’s father, Giovanni Battist, who was Niccolo Amati’s pupil in Cremona. His instruments show a possible sound experimentation by having a higher arching trying to achieve the darker sound results of Maggini.

Fine violins, violas and cellos

In conclusion, the Pietro Giacomo Rogeri violin is a fine example of the work of master luthiers from the classical period. Its sound is full, strong and clear throughout its range. Pietro Giacomo Rogeri most certainly deserves his place in the history books as one of the finest stringed instrument makers in the 17th century.

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