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Have you ever thought about trying fine violins at home? If you are an EU citizen, then it’s your lucky day! One of our facilities for our European clients is to allow them to try the violin of their choice.
Finding your instrument online and trying it at home can help you make the correct choice.

As good as the violin can be, the bow is another key for taking out the best of your instrument. It’s really important to you, musician, to know how the playability would feel with your own bow. Moreover, it is safer to find your perfect violin match through an online store.


How to try fine violins at home?
Step 01 – Are you European?

First, you must be in the European area to qualify for the free home trial. You can have a two-week free home trial service if you are an EU resident.

Unsure if you are eligible? Check the list of the countries below:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.

If you are in one of the countries listed above, congrats! You are eligible!

We will provide you with a free shipment to send you the instrument, and in case of a return, the return cost of 50 euros will be the customer’s responsibility.

Step 02 – You can now choose your violin! The fun part (or the hardest)

We have a collection of the finest violins, carefully handcrafted by the best violin makers of today! Choosing the right one can be tricky; that’s why our website is full of tools to help you make the right decision. 


If there are so many tools, why should you do the free home trial?

We all know how important it is to play feel the instrument in different conditions before making any decision. Being an online gallery and store, the trial allows you to be sure about what you have seen on screen. We offer you many tools on the website like the comparison service. You can compare the essential qualities to find the instrument to complement your music. Choosing up to 4 instruments on the page, you will compare the sound, aesthetic features, makers, sizes, etc.


Step 03 – Submit a request form

After choosing your dream violin, you will submit a request for a free home trial. It’s very simple, but pay attention: 

There is a button on each violin page; once you make your decision, tap on it! Also, it is important to know that if you choose this program, you must provide all the personal information requested and an ID verification.


Step 04 – The Program Rules

By requesting a free home trial and placing an order, you agree that you will have bought the product if you do not return the instrument within 15 calendar days of its arrival at your home address. If you choose to purchase the product after your free home trial, you are not subject to our 30-day return policy and exchange policy after 30 days. This is only applicable to those who buy without requesting a free home trial service.

With the masterpiece on the way to its possible new home, all you need to do is see if the violin fits your needs and taste. Then, pay close attention to the calendar and the rules:

  • Any items provided free as part of that offer must be returned within the allotted time, in an undamaged condition, and in their original packaging. Goods received back damaged will not be eligible for a refund under the terms of this program.
  • The trial period starts when you receive the instrument. You must return it to us by the 15th calendar day afterward. Any goods arriving outside this period will not be eligible for a return, and we will not refund the money you paid for them. The 14-day period stops if you agree to keep the goods, which avoids any problems with part exchanges.

Please contact us to clarify if you are unsure about your trial period. To return goods, you must first notify us in writing of your intention to return them.

Step 05 – Sit back, relax, and wait for your masterpiece!

Our program is to give you the best opportunities to find your violin match. We are a venue that brings together the most sought-after violin makers from today, experts in the violinmaking tradition. But, most importantly, we are here to help you find your musical voice. 

Online shopping can sound dangerous, but not if you are in the right place. Our collection of masterpieces is handcrafted by the most sought-after makers worldwide.  Full-certified instruments give you tranquillity and confidence to invest in something to complement your music.

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