Five Promising Italian Violin Makers

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Five Promising Italian Violin Makers

Italy has a longstanding tradition of crafting high-quality violins, and today, a new generation of talented violin makers in Cremona is carrying on that legacy. Some stick to traditional methods passed down through generations, while others explore new techniques and styles.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five promising violin makers. Each brings a unique approach to their craft, blending old-world charm with modern innovation. Their dedication to preserving the art of classical Italian violin making while pushing the boundaries of creativity has earned them recognition both locally and internationally.

1 Luiz Amorim

Luiz Amorim, his wife, Betina Schreiner, and sons Gaian and Luan are a team that crafts fine violins in Italy. They combine traditional methods with new ideas to create stunning instruments. Working together in Cremona, their workshop is where the magic happens, transforming wood into beautiful violins and producing unique sounds.

Soloists worldwide cherish their violins for their exceptional quality, comparable to the old Cremona violins, and ease of playing. Luiz and his family pour their hearts into each instrument, ensuring it is of the highest standard. Their goal is to bring joy to musicians and audiences alike with every note played on their violins, leaving a lasting legacy in the music world.

2 Hyun-Jung Park

A rising star in the violin-making world, Hyun-Jung Park is an exceptional violin maker and violin player. Her studies in violin playing give her all the insight she needs to understand what players want. Hyun-Jung Park always leaned more toward her creative interests, which made her attend art high school and university.


She entered the ‘Istituto Stradivari violin-making school in Cremona, Italy, where she learned the Cremonese tradition following her love for violin-making. Today, 13 years later, she is a prominent violin maker at Amorim Fine Violins.

Her violin-making expertise has led her to win several competitions, including the Silver Prize in the Young Luthier category at the ANLAI, competition in Cremona, and the Third Prize at the 8th International Competition of Sesto Fiorentino.

Hyun-Jung Park specializes in bow making. Her bows are ergonomic, providing minimum discomfort to the musician while allowing the wood of the violins to produce its own unique sound. Her work is a testament to Antonio Stradivari and contains her own personal touch.

3 Anna Arietti

Anna Arietti, also known as Ayoung An, her passion for music and violin making began at a young age. She started playing the violin at eight and soon became interested in crafting instruments.


Anna pursued formal training at the renowned Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy, under the tutelage of Pier Luigi Aromatico Fantoni. Graduating in 2015, she quickly distinguished herself in international competitions, earning acclaim for her meticulous craftsmanship and artistic prowess.

Anna Arietti’s instruments are celebrated for their ease of playability, quick responsiveness, and powerful projection. They feature rich, warm tones in the lower register and a robust high end, making them prized possessions among musicians globally. Inspired by the beauty of imperfection, Anna embraces natural asymmetry, age marks, and nuanced varnish tones in her creations, imparting each instrument with a distinctive and timeless allure. Her dedication to preserving natural beauty ensures that her instruments stand as enduring symbols of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

4 Giovannetti & Schultz

Andrea Giovannetti and Kyle Schultz combine their knowledge and experience, dedicating themselves to crafting high-level instruments and interpreting the work of the great Italian Masters to reach the highest professional level required by the most demanding musicians.

Andrea Giovannetti, born in Florence in 1984, began his journey into violin-making after early exposure to woodworking and a deep passion for music. He pursued formal training at the “Antonio Stradivari” School in Cremona, refining his skills under the tutelage of Master Luca Primon. Andrea’s craftsmanship emphasizes meticulous tonewood selection, precise instrument setup, and the art of classical varnishing techniques. His dedication led him to participate in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program and apprentice with Master Andreas Hudelmayer in London, enriching his expertise in copying and antiquing techniques.

Kyle Schultz, born in South Africa in 1997, discovered his love for violin mechanics and history early on, leading him to self-study and construct his first violins. His formal education at the renowned Newark School of Violin Making and Repair further honed his skills under the mentorship of world-renowned makers and restorers. Kyle’s instruments are distinguished by their meticulous craftsmanship, top-quality tonewoods, and personal artistic interpretations, reflecting his deep respect for violin-making traditions.

In their pursuit of excellence, Andrea Giovannetti and Kyle Schultz draw inspiration from the rich history of Italian violin making, striving to blend technical precision with artistic innovation in each instrument they create.

5 Fiorella Anelli

Fiorella Anelli, discovered her passion for violin making while studying piano and later attending the School of Violin Making in Milan. Graduating in 2004 under Maestro Paola Vecchio, she specialized in restoration techniques before moving to Cremona in 2005 to deepen her craft as an assistant in various workshops.


Anelli’s instruments reflect the rich tradition of Cremonese violin making, prioritizing exceptional tonal qualities and meticulous craftsmanship. Inspired by masterpieces from the Museo del Violino, including those by Amati, Stradivari, and Guarneri, she continuously refines her approach in her workshop located in a historic Renaissance palace near the Cathedral and Violin Museum in Cremona.

Violin-making is an art that has been passed through generations. It is a deep cultural affair with its roots in Cremona, Italy. Many people aspire to be violin makers, but not everybody can master this art.

The likes of Luiz Amorim, Anna Arietti, Hyun-Jung Park, Fabio Volta, and Fiorella Anelli are some of the Italian violin makers who have shown deep-seated respect for the heritage- old tradition while adding a contemporary flair. No wonder they have a bright future ahead.