What Violin Size Do I Need?

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What Violin Size Do I Need?

You must have come across people playing the violin, but did you know that the correct size matters a lot? Having the precise size in your hand is crucial as the player should be comfortable while playing it, and their body experiences no kind of strain whether the musical device is too small or large. If you are looking for a violin, too, then you must be searching for the violin size I need. Allow the blog to enlighten you further on the violin size and the right size.


Understanding Violin Sizes

First, it is necessary to understand that violins vary in size. You cannot picture an adult playing a small violin or a small child practicing on a significantly larger size. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the wide range of sizes. Those are as follows:


4/4 or full size is considered to be the standard size for adults, and with some exceptions, teenagers as well, who have reached their maximum height. The total instrument length of a 4/4 violin is typically around 58 cm.


Second on the list is ⅞. The size is perfect for smaller teenagers and adults. Why? Because some new violin players might find a full-sized instrument overwhelming. This particular size offers a slightly smaller body length and arm reach than 4/4.


Pre-teens or children usually purchase 3/4 violin size as their arm lengths are approximately 55 cm when measured from neck to wrist.


Children between the ages of 7 and 10 opt for this size. The violinist with a 51 cm arm length can comfortably play it due to it’s body length is around 52 cm.


For violin enthusiasts below 7 who have just stepped into making their musical journey, ¼ and smaller violins prove to be the ideal choice. The instrument length is around 48 cm.

1/10 and 1/16

The smallest violins are of this size. Young prodigies between ages 3-4 and below that opt for 1/10 and 1/16. Their total length is around 39 and 36 cm.

How To Measure What Violin Size You Need?

As we have discussed the types of violin sizes you can select from that best suit your age, height, and body size, now it is time to discuss how to measure what violin size you need.


Measurement Of Neck

Stand upright with your arms stretched and relax. Measure the distance from the base of your neck, where the neck meets the shoulder to the middle of your palm. Check if the violin’s body length is near to the measurement then the fit is good. Otherwise, if the measurement falls between these sizes then consider purchasing a slightly larger violin.

Or else you will not feel comfortable while playing it, and will put stress on your neck and back.


Full Arm Stretch

Measuring the neck is one and the other method is a full arm stretch. Hold the violin in the way you are going to play. The scroll, which is the top curled end should easily fit in the crook of your neck when your arm is fully extended on the fingerboard, the place where fingers press the strings. A slight bend should be present in the elbow for the correct posture.



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