A Bow by Jerome Thibouville Lamy

Violin Bow by Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt, 1930



6,400 EUR

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      Full description

      This very fine bow showcases the esteemed French Maison's tradition and excellent craft. Its elegance and finesse shine through in every detail, from the careful workmanship to the top-notch, elegant, and strong-designed frog and mounting. The bow was made in the 1930s by J.T.L to Christian Olivier's workshop in Paris, as shown by the fire stamp it bears on the frog: "CHRISTIAN OLIVIER PARIS." The elegant round-shaped stick is carefully crafted from the most exceptional fine-grain red-brown Pernambuco wood. This medium-weight bow provides a full sensation on the right-hand grip due to the frog's slightly wider base. This creates the feeling of more confident handling of the stick, making it a very fast and decisive strike kind of bow. The frog has a lovely and personal shape, presenting an outstanding wide carved silver halo that, added to the round frog profile, brings personality to it. Revered for its superb sound quality, historical significance, and unmatched artistry, it stands as a tribute to the long-standing tradition of excellence at J.T.L in Mirecourt. In this tradition, where quality and style remain consistent across pieces, identifying individual mastermakers' work can be a challenge due to the collective skill of the workshop's artisans.

      Jerome Thibouville Lamy

      A prominent figure in the world of violin bow making. Born in 1833 in Mirecourt, France, Jerome Thibouville's influence soared after his marriage to Marie M. Lamy in 1861, leading to the establishment of the renowned firm Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, or J.T.L. Learn more


      60.5 gr

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