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After beginning his making career in 1995, Luiz Amorim has been perfecting his craft ever since. Luiz Amorim violas are the result of countless hours spent mastering his technique, focusing on achieving the highest quality of workmanship, with a refined finish and sound. Luiz Amorim’s violas follow the traditional Italian school, made in the inspiring surroundings of Cremona.

The Master Maker Luiz Amorim


Bringing Brazilian flair to the Italian cradle of violin making, at the heart of Amorim Fine Violins is its founder, Luiz Amorim. Inspired by the desire to transform materials with his bare hands, integral to Luiz’s artistry is his sensitive eye for the contour and texture of nature. As a result of his highly successful career, Luiz collaborated with his partners to open his Italian workshop in 2018.


Fine Instruments

The violin that I have just purchased from Luiz is without question the best copy of a Guarneri “del Gesù” that I have put under my chin. It is responsive, big and beautiful sounding all in one. As you probably know, I used to play on the original Sainton “del Gesù” and it is no less commanding. In fact, the varnish is even more beautiful than the original.

Elmar Oliveira, Violinist

Having acquired Luiz Amorim’s newest 1744 “Sainton” Del Gesù violin, I can wholeheartedly state that he is the finest living violin maker. His instruments are works of art, in addition to being top rate concert violins. Bravissimo Luiz on yet another monumental achievement!!

Sean Avram Carpenter, Violinist

Luiz Amorim's violin that I own has been my companion in hundreds of concerts and dozens of recordings, giving voice to all my most detailed musical intentions. It is a privilege to spend hours and hours in the company of this extraordinary instrument.

Emmanuele Baldini, Concertmaster and Conductor

It's always a pleasure to meet the Amorim family! Wonderful instruments and bows - old & new - in the best shape, unending knowhow how to make the sound of a fine instrument even better; always a beautiful display with a big variety, many open ears, a great memory and feeling for the personal likings of us customers and a very kind, attentive but non-intrusive atmosphere.

Big recommendation for every professional in need of a perfectly balanced instrument/bow in any price category! (Looking forward for my personal Amorim violin to be finished soon and can't wait to make music with her!)

Julia Ungureanu, Violinist

When we visited, I had the chance to try out two of Luiz Amorim's violins: his slightly antiqued copy of the 1733 Carlo Bergonzi, "Kreisler", and copy of 1742 Guarneri 'del Gesú', "Lord Wilton". They were both remarkable instruments, both aesthetically and sonically. In fact, Luiz's copy of the "Lord Wilton" was one of the most beautiful violin that I have ever seen and heard. It had an extraordinary finish, and Luiz's attention to details left me in awe. The violin had a magnificent sound also; the G and D strings had great texture and power, while the higher registers still had the sparkle and sweetness which many 'del Gesú' copies I have tried were missing.

When we finally decided to commission a violin from Luiz himself, Tomas kindly guided us through the process. He worked with us patiently, and we felt very safe and confident about placing a commission.

Philip, Violinist

I bought my current cello from Amorim about 3 years ago. I was immediately very satisfied with the final product and the result in terms of beauty of sound and homogeneity between the high and low register of the instrument. The Amorim family follows its customers with care, interest and kindness and has always been very available for any type of request. Furthermore, their shop in Cremona often hosts, for certain periods, various extraordinary instruments that I have had the pleasure of trying out. I hope to return to Cremona as soon as possible!

Michele Mazzola, Cellist

Came here 6 months ago during January to look at the instruments made by Luiz Amorim. As a violinist myself, the violins that Amorim offer are of the highest quality. I had the opportunity to play on the Stauffer copy and the sound was amazing. Very resonant, warm and still had dark qualities that a lot of violinists yearn for in their fiddle. The shop is warm and inviting with great Brazilian coffee and amazing hospitality shown by Gaian and Tomás. Absolutely would recommend to any violinist going to Cremona to look for a violin shop.

Monty Guo, Cellist

When I acquired the Luiz Amorim 2017 viola I created a problem. I am finding it very hard to tear myself from it, and my violin playing is being unjustly set aside. I find the immediate response on this instrument and the eagerness of colleagues to be allowed to have a go at it, most encouraging for me to continue in my disproportionate activities.

Antoine Frendo

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Amorim Fine Violins Cremona


Amorim Fine Violins is a family business, just like the workshops of Stradivari and Guarneri. Founded in 2001 by the renowned violin maker Luiz Amorim and his wife, Betina Schreiner. We bring our fine arts experience into the violin-making field. For more than ten years now, their sons Luan and Gaian have joined the firm, bringing strength to make it one of the most innovative and fast-growing companies in the violin business. We are in the market of violin making, restoration, and sale of violins, violas, cellos, and bows, and our mission is to provide musicians with instruments so they can uniquely express themselves.


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