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With a deep-rooted passion for the art of cello making, the cellos by Luiz Amorim combines traditional techniques with innovative approaches to create instruments that resonate with unparalleled tonal richness. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of tonal nuances, each cello is a testament to his dedication to the craft, where every curve, joint, and finishing touch is meticulously executed to create an instrument that speaks to both the player and the audience.

Antonio Meneses talks about his Luiz Amorim Cello

Fine Instruments

Quite honestly, my Amorim cello (2021, Montagnana model) is as good, or maybe even better in practically all respects as virtually any great instrument from the golden classical age of instrument making in Cremona. First of all, the cello’s appearance is stunning—even believable as a product of that time. But then the real glory is the result of two other attributes one would never suspect to find in a modern instrument.

The sound is completely ‘Italian’ in quality, at least as powerful as any, and as subtle as can be found. But the real star quality is the player’s alone: the instrument is like a racehorse—it demands less effort to play than any cello I can remember. The sound needs very little coaxing from the bow on the strings. If I won’t say “it plays itself,” it feels almost as if it does. I have not enjoyed playing as much on any instrument in my long career, and feel it has given me new life and enthusiasm to my work.

From every other instrument I have encountered by this remarkable luthier, how is it that Amorim has managed to ‘crack the code’? He has provided—finally—a source of great instruments that surely will be regarded as worthy replacements for the surviving antique instruments as they either wear out or otherwise end up not being played. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Antony Cooke

The instrument (Luiz Amorim copy of Montagnana) not only brings a lot of warmth, but also bass support and clarity to the sound. It gives some kind of personal singing voice to the music and is something special to work with.

I feel that it is the perfect mix of the shape and appearance of the original cello, which is made very much like the original with the beautiful red/brown varnish. If you look at the back, you can see the three-dimensional qualities in the structure of the wood and the varnish, and I think that’s really appealing.

Daniel Müller-Schott, Cellist

I confess that I was very excited when I met Luiz Amorim’s cello. Easy to play, it has a homogeneous sound on all strings and I did not check for problems like wolves. The cello has a beautiful sound that resembles Italian instruments of sec. XVIII, I confess that I have never seen a new instrument that has this quality.

Roberto Ring, Cellist

I've been playing my Amorim cello for more than a year now and I'm amazed of how much it has helped me grow as a musician in these past months. The instrument (already of great quality brand new) has changed with and through my practice and we've both been welcomed in the Amorim family with such honest and deep care: I've particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm of Luiz and Gaian, whenever I've brought my cello to experiment together a better resonance, sound and overall comfort to play really.

I now feel as a member of their beautiful family and I know I can trust them with whatever need I might have: the doors are always open at the Amorim family and you can really breathe in the air their passion for hard work, great art and a deep desire to build true connections with their clients. Obrigado família Amorim!

Margherita Succio

When I play, my cello by Luiz Amorim, what happens is that I almost forget that I am playing a modern instrument. The deep sound of the basses of this instrument is really very unique and this reminds me of some of the great cellos that I have tried before in my life, Strad, Montagnana, and a few other ones. It has so many of the qualities that you expect from an instrument that is 300 years old or more.

Antonio Meneses, Cellist

Magnificent, the word that makes me want to exclaim every time I go to "Amorim" which I can proudly call my luthiers. I bought a cello from them that I have been using for exactly two years, an amazing instrument, in these two years it has been an irreplaceable companion at work, I was able to appreciate all the wonder of his depth and quality of sound, in addition to the ease of emission, truly impressive, comparable to a great instrument of classical lutherie of the 18th century Italian masters.

I can only thank Luiz, Gaian, Betina and Luan and the whole family for their professionalism and seriousness with which they welcome you every time, always ready to understand and satisfy every need of the musician.

The real point of reference for Cremonese violin making in the world.
The other word that arises in my mind it is "Thank you", because find such great quality (I repeat, my cello copy Montagnana "sleeping beauty" is of impressive quality aesthetics and sound) in addition to courtesy, transparency and professionalism, it is not so obvious in the lutherie world.

Due to the current evaluation trend with the famous stars from 5 to 1, the "Amorim fine violins" definitely go off the scale, exceeding 5 by a lot.

Antonio Papetti, Cellist

I bought my current cello from Amorim about 3 years ago. I was immediately very satisfied with the final product and the result in terms of beauty of sound and homogeneity between the high and low register of the instrument. The Amorim family follows its customers with care, interest and kindness and has always been very available for any type of request. Furthermore, their shop in Cremona often hosts, for certain periods, various extraordinary instruments that I have had the pleasure of trying out. I hope to return to Cremona as soon as possible!

Michele Mazzola, Cellist

I had the pleasure of trying some of Luiz Amorim's cellos and they all amazed me with their full and direct sound, as well as with the extreme comfort found in playing them and with their very pleasant aesthetic appearance. I therefore chose to have some work done on my instrument (an antique from the end of the 18th century) and I am fully satisfied with the result and with the attention and availability shown by the whole Amorim family. It's nice to know you can count on the help of such welcoming, reliable and efficient staff in the setting of a shop full of art and music. An example of passion for one's work!!

Matteo Fabi, Cellist

The Master Maker Luiz Amorim


Bringing Brazilian flair to the Italian cradle of violin making, at the heart of Amorim Fine Violins is its founder, Luiz Amorim. Inspired by the desire to transform materials with his bare hands, his sensitive eye for the contour and texture of nature is integral to Luiz’s artistry. As a result of his highly successful 30-year career, Luiz collaborated with his partners to open his Italian workshop in 2018.

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Amorim Fine Violins is a family business, just like the workshops of Stradivari and Guarneri. Founded in 2001 by the renowned violin maker Luiz Amorim and his wife, Betina Schreiner. We bring our fine arts experience into the violin-making field. For more than ten years now, their sons Luan and Gaian have joined the firm, bringing strength to make it one of the most innovative and fast-growing companies in the violin business. We are in the market of violin making, restoration, and sale of violins, violas, cellos, and bows, and our mission is to provide musicians with instruments so they can uniquely express themselves.


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    Beautifully hand-crafted to your exact requirements

    Our experts will go through the commissioning process with you for your customized instrument, including payment plans, waitlist, and special offers. We will walk you through down to the finest detail.