Cello Maker
Riccardo Bergonzi

Cremona, Italy

Riccardo Bergonzi, born in 1961 in Cremona, Italy, discovered his passion for violin making at a young age. Following his graduation from the Violin-makingSchool in 1979, he embarked on a remarkable journey. With over four decades of experience, Riccardo has earned acclaim for his exquisite instruments, crafted with precision and passion.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Riccardo Bergonzi

Age: 63


Experience: 45 Years

New making style: New


Cremonese Violin-making tradition

Classic craftsmanship

Experienced maker


G. Marola Award by the Cremona Violin-Making School, 1979

Locally making

Cremona, Italy

Maker Background

Riccardo Bergonzi, born in 1961 in Cremona, Italy, where he resides and practices his craft, is a renowned figure in the world of violin making. His journey began at the age of nine when he first picked up the violin, and soon after, he and his brother embarked on the fascinating venture of crafting violins using simple tools and materials found at home.

Riccardo pursued formal training at the Lutherie School. Graduating in 1979, he was honored with the prestigious G. Marola Award for his exceptional talent. Subsequently, Riccardo found himself drawn to the art of teaching, a role he embraced for over a decade. However, his passion for violin making remained undiminished, leading him to establish his own workshop in 1980. Riccardo's workshop became a sanctuary where he refined his skills and delved into the intricacies of sound mechanics.

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