Violin Maker
Manuel Di Landa

Cremona, Italy

Fascinated by the stylistic, geometric, and acoustic perfection of the instruments, he begins his luthier career in the world of violin making. Manuel is constantly searching for the perfect sound andacoustics; he developed his own style inspired by the past's great violin makers.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Manuel Di Landa

Age: 43


Experience: 19 Years

New making style: AntiquedNew


Experienced Maker

Experienced Restorer

Violin Making Teacher

Works with Own Model

Cremonese Traditional Handcraftsmanship


2018, Bronze Medal for antiqued viola at the 9° Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria per Strumenti ad Arco, ANLAI

2021, Silver Medal for Antiqued Violin at the 1º Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria "Mario Capicchioni"

Locally making

Cremona, Italy

Maker Background

Fascinated by the stylistic, geometric, and acoustic perfection of the instruments, he begins his luthier career at the school of violin making "Liutaio ed Archettaio" in Gubbio, where he studied from 2001 to 2004.

To deepen his knowledge, improve his construction techniques, and please his passion for the art of restoration, he frequented the "Violin Making and Repair School" in Newark (Great Britain) during the years 2005-2007.

After his graduation, he had several work experiences abroad, like Hans Weisshaar's workshop in Los Angeles. In 2008 he arrived in Cremona, where he collaborated with several workshops, developing his own style, inspired by the great violin makers of the past, and by the construction method based on the Golden Section.

In 2015 he opened his own business in Cremona. In 2017 he collaborated with the Museo del Violino of Cremona, realizing the path for the blind and visually impaired person on the construction of stringed instruments. In 2018 started a collaboration with Pierre Bohr begins on a restoration project on a viol from Ventura Linarol. In 2019, Manuel started teaching as a restoration technician of musical instruments at the CrForma in Cremona.

Maker Interview

Where your instruments are currently being played?

Different orchestra players play my instrument in Italy and abroad.

Why did you start making instruments?

From an early age, I was attracted to the details of buildings and for this, I had training in technical drawing. Passionate about music, I began to design musical instruments, a set of lines and curves that form a perfect harmony, and over time I became passionate about its acoustic universe.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration "initially" starts from the base of geometry, paying attention to the beauty of each line and curve, respecting the harmonic proportions and the search for sound, adapting it to the specific needs of both solo musicians and orchestral musicians.

In my laboratory, having the opportunity to restore antique instruments, I was able to create my database of both acoustic and constructive information of the old masters that influence my choice of wood and my way of sculpting the arching to get the best sound.

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