Bow Maker
Kurt Dolling

Germany, Markneukirchen

Kurt Dolling, a renown name in the realm of bow making, from Erlbach, Germany. Kurt's illustrious career saw him traverse through renowned workshops, including those of C. A. Hoyer and Emil Max Penzel, before establishing his own workshop. Kurt's legacy is defined by his mastery of the classical German bow-making tradition and his enduring commitment to craftsmanship.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Kurt Dolling


New making style: n/a


German bow-making tradition

Family Legacy

Modern craftsmanship

Locally making

Germany, Markneukirchen

Maker Background

Kurt Dolling, born in Erlbach, Germany in 1909 into a family with a background in tailoring, embarked on a distinctive journey in the realm of bow making. Despite sharing a surname with the renowned Markneukirchen bow-making dynasty led by Otto Dolling, Kurt had no familial ties to them. His initiation into the craft occurred under the tutelage of Hermann Todt in Erlbach from 1924 to 1927. Venturing through his apprenticeship, Kurt gained invaluable experience at the esteemed C. A. Hoyer establishment in Markneukirchen before joining the prestigious workshop of Emil Max Penzel in Erlbach. It was during this pivotal period with Penzel that Kurt's craftsmanship blossomed, leaving an indelible imprint on his future endeavors.

Kurt achieved mastery in bow making, earning his certification in Markneukirchen in 1939. Following his service in World War II and subsequent captivity, Kurt returned to his hometown of Erlbach in 1949, where he founded his own workshop. His partnership with student and stepson C. Hans-Karl Schmidt from 1964 to 1974 enriched his legacy. While Kurt's bows exude individuality, they epitomize the classical German bow-making tradition of the early 20th century. Initially crafting bows for all string instruments, Kurt later focused on bass bows, blending elements of the classic German style with the revered "Findeisen" model. His creations bear the distinctive stamp "Kurt Dolling," a testament to his enduring craftsmanship and legacy in the world of bow making.

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