Bow Maker
Gerhard Penzel

Erlbach, Germany

Gerhard Penzel journey into bow making began under the guidance of his great-uncle, E.M. Penzel, where he imbibed the essence of precision and artistry. Following his formative years, Gerard ventured to Stuttgart, where he collaborated with renowned bow maker Karl Mages. Gerard's passion for craftsmanship and innovation remained steadfast, culminating in his role as a leading figure in the violin bow making community.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Gerhard Penzel


New making style: n/a

Locally making

Erlbach, Germany

Maker Background

Gerhard Penzel, born in 1929, embarked on his journey in the art of violin bow making under the tutelage of his great-uncle, E.M. Penzel. After honing his skills alongside his father Kurt Penzel, who was also a bow maker, until 1948, Gerhard ventured to Stuttgart, where he collaborated with Karl Mages. In 1953, fueled by his passion and expertise, Gerhard established his own company in Stuttgart.

His commitment to mastery led him to pursue further education, culminating in his attainment of the title of Master in 1956 in Stuttgart. In 1974, Gerhard relocated his company to Ostrach, continuing his legacy of excellence. From 1986 to 2006, he, along with his son Roland G. Penzel, served as the chief executives of "K. Gerhard Penzel GmbH," marking a profound partnership that further solidified his esteemed reputation in the realm of violin bow craftsmanship. Gerard Penzel's contributions endure as a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise in the art of bow making.

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