Violin Maker
Francesco Piasentini

Italy, Padova

Since 2001, Piasentini have widely researched and meticulously crafted bowed instruments, infusing each piece with a distinct personal style that pays homage to the illustrious masters of both Cremonese and Venetian violin making traditions.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Francesco Piasentini


Experience: 22 Years

New making style: New


Experienced Maker

Analysis Expert

Restoration and Acoustics Reaseacher

Cremonese School

Locally making

Italy, Padova

Maker Background

Francesco Piasentini has been crafting stringed instruments since 2001, the year he graduated from the International School of Violin Making in Cremona. Simultaneously, he achieved a degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Padua in the same year, where he focused his studies in the qualification of materials for Violin Making, having his research published published in prestigious journals.

Until 2006, Francesco's path encompassed both instrument crafting and academic pursuits. He divided his time between creating violins and violas and engaging in research and teaching roles at the universities of Padua and Ferrara.

He honed his skills in the traditional construction methods of Cremonese school under the tutelage of Min Sung Kim, a renowned luthier who garnered international recognition through various competitions. This mentorship began during their time as fellow students in Cremona.

Through his dedication, Francesco cultivated extensive expertise in restoration. He meticulously worked on instruments by prominent Italian Masters from the 20th century, such as Fagnola, Pareschi, Pollastri, and Rocca. His restoration endeavors extended to timeless creations by Don Nicola Amati, Gasparo da Salò, Klotz, and Michele Deconet.

Francesco's pursuit of excellence led him to partake in enhancement courses at the Parmesan school of violin making. He also participated in workshops and seminars that delved into advanced restoration techniques and acoustic setup. His commitment to the craft earned him responsibilities as the head of restoration, as well as research and development at the Atelier.

In 2014, Francesco expanded his horizons into the realm of consultancy. He became involved in X-ray Tomography and Microtomography, collaborating with prominent Italian companies specializing in non-destructive testing. His expertise became invaluable for conducting thorough investigations on instruments crafted by esteemed 18th-century Italian makers.

This wealth of knowledge and experience culminated in Francesco establishing Studio Piasentini in 2015, where, he meticulously crafts bowed instruments, infusing each piece with a distinct personal style that pays homage to the illustrious masters of both Cremonese and Venetian violin making traditions.

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