Bow Maker
Charles Nicolas Bazin

France, Mirecourt

Charles Nicolas Bazin, inheriting his father's bow-making legacy at 18, propelled the family workshop in Mirecourt to prominence. Evolving from the angular Peccatte style to softer, slender bows underVoirin's influence, Bazin's craftsmanship flourished. Mentoring future luminaries and expanding production, his legacy endured through generations, shaping the bow-making world.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Charles Nicolas Bazin


New making style: n/a

Locally making

France, Mirecourt

Maker Background

Charles Nicolas Bazin, born in 1847, inherited his father François Xavier Bazin's bow-making legacy in 1865 at just 18 years old. Under his guidance, the family workshop in Mirecourt thrived, supplying bows to prestigious Parisian shops like Joseph Hel and Collin-Mézin. Over the next four decades, Bazin's workshop in Mirecourt became renowned for producing thousands of high-quality bows, thanks to the expertise of many skilled makers.

Initially trained in the strong and angular Peccatte style, Bazin's craftsmanship evolved under the influence of François Nicolas Voirin, resulting in softer, more slender-headed bows. Alongside his own bow production, Bazin mentored numerous makers who later achieved great success, including Jules and Victor Fetique, Louis Morizot, and Emile Auguste Ouchard.

By the early 1900s, the Bazin Workshop was the hub of bow production in Mirecourt, churning out thousands of bows annually. Charles Nicolas Bazin's three sons, Emile-Joseph, Gustave, and Charles-Louis Bazin, were trained to continue the family legacy. Although Bazin officially retired in 1907, he remained involved in the workshop until his passing in 1915, leaving behind a lasting impact on the world of bow making.

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