Violin Shop Online: Should you buy from it or not?

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Violin Shop Online, what to know about it?

Are you looking to buy a violin? Should you purchase it online or go to a local store? Well, there are benefits and drawbacks to both. However, buying online can bring more facilities. 

We all know how it is before buying your new violin, no one wants to invest in the wrong instrument. A violin should add to your music and together make a good team with you!

In our view, buying online has the facility to access endless options, which is great! This way, you are able to easily find the model you are looking for. Buying in a local shop seems safer because you see the violin in your hands, but now things have changed! You can have this experience online, too, not exactly in the same way, but technology is here to make it happen as close as possible to reality.

Our online violin gallery showcases the Italian art of violin making as a window from Cremona to the world for musicians to find their means of expression through the sounds of the violin. We have developed our website to best fulfill the musician’s needs to analyze the instrument before buying it.

Many online shops have the facility to show good images, detailed information, and videos. That’s not different from us; however, we believe that you should be treated on a website the same way you would on a local shop. 

One of the main reasons to buy at the store is the certainty that the violin is just like you are imagining. A place to trust!

At our online violin shop, you will be talking with people and experts in the violin market for more than 20 years. Therefore you have the option to schedule an online call or just chat with us, we want to freely give you the best advice!

Just like Paganini found his dear ‘Cannone,’ we want to help you find yours.

The Amorim collection counts on a selection of great violins directly from Cremona, the center of violin-making for over 400 years. A venue that brings together the most sought-after violin makers from today, experts in the violin-making tradition. This is where you can find your fine violin!

Feel comfortable choosing the right instrument to complement your music

With a unique experience that allows you to see, hear, and feel the instruments you are interested in buying. Along with 360-degree images of the actual instruments, you will find audio and video clips of each instrument being played. We use the highest quality recording technology available to make our customers feel as though they are sitting in their living rooms listening to their new instruments. All instruments are recorded in the same conditions: same bow (or violin in case of bows), same musician, same place, and same microphones.

Try your violin

Before confirming the online purchase, you can try the new violin at home! There are 2 ways of doing it:

  • When you buy your violin from our online shop, we offer you a 30-day of trial. If the masterpiece doesn’t fit your music, you can exchange it for another violin or get a 100% refund.
  • The Free Home Trial. If you are a European resident, then it’s your lucky day. All you need to do is submit the request for a home trial on the violin’s page, and then we give you 2 weeks of trial!

Most important, before you try, you must compare the instrument’s sounds.

Knowing exactly what kind of sound you want in your playing and performances can be very handy. If you don’t know, our advice is to listen to as many instruments as you can, make comparisons, and go deeper into the models’ characteristics.

To help you, there’s our comparison tool, and you can use it to find out which violin sounds better to your ears. The sound of all violins was recorded in the same conditions, with the same bow and violin, by the same musician, in the same room, and with microphones placed the same distance from the instrument.

When you are looking for a new violin, it is important to find one that will grow with you.

Who are you buying from? Who’s behind the making?

You are not buying from a machine, our violins are all handcrafted by the best luthiers!

Every handcrafted violin is a special instrument because it looks different, sounds different, and feels different when played. This is part of the special touch of handmade instruments—no two will be exactly alike. But when acquiring a new handmade violin, the first thing is to think about is the maker. To find out your perfect musical match, you will need to find the best violin maker for you!

A violin can unlock a whole new world for the musician, widen your horizons, and bring new possibilities.