The Power of Music in Violinists’ and Non-players’ life

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Music can move you. Have you ever heard of the power of music? More accurately, the power that music has on all us? Not only for violinists, but music also brings us joy and helps us relax, and gives comfort. And even can transport us back in time!


Many musicians can ensure that feeling while playing it, just like the listeners can feel when they watch a performance. Not to mention the effect it has on all the community. 


This is the uniqueness of art, in general, but when talking about music, there is already research to prove it. But we don’t need proof for that, we all agree that listening to music is a wonderful activity, right?

Playing an instrument can bring you endless benefits


A musician, when first get a violin, or any other instrument, can feel a bit overwhelmed but no sooner the music involves us in a way that only brings benefits.


For some people, this is a way to relax after a difficult day, to seek joy, and for others will be a more serious hobby. In addition, violinists can have in their hands a tool to express feeling and emotion, art and music are all connected to our emotions, it is our human way to put out anything we cannot find the words to say it.


Every experience in our lives can affect our artistic expression, and that’s what brings meaning to it. When playing the instrument, is a way for you to speak whatever you want the audience to hear and for who is watching is the moment to connect with that person.


Moreover, practicing the Violin helps you improve your musicality and listening ability. You will sooner learn and understand the sounds you’re making and recognize the notes.

Any musician knows in some way the benefits of music however scientifically speaking, these are some of the thing the music do to us:


  • It can help us regulate our emotions, improve our moods, and enhance productivity and concentration. And it can even help us sleep better.


  • A favorite song can give you that feel-good dopamine release in your brain, helping to prevent depression.


  • Listening to music can take us back to a different time in our lives and allow us to remember old emotions and feelings.


  • Music can also help you focus on the task at hand. If you find yourself zoning in and out of work or study, try turning up some stimulating tunes to stay focused.

No matter what emotion you’re feeling, there’s a song that can help. The Violin has many benefits for those who are playing but also for society as a whole.


Projects all over the world are out there to help people, and many of them are being made through music, like Instituto Baccarelli, an institution based in Brazil, which offers classes and helps for kids and teenagers in need.


The Institute is committed to providing more than music education but also personal and career development. The Institute offers annual music and art education to more than 1,200 underprivileged and socially vulnerable children and young people.


Thousands of students and alumni have proven that by having access to culture and education, one can go much further. By living their dreams, they reaffirm the transformational power of music and art.

Amorim Fine Violins launched a project to benefit Instituto Baccarelli called Il Cannone Giramondo.


A copy of del Gesù Cannone, handcrafted by Luiz Amorim, will travel the world collecting signatures of the most sought-after violinists of today! After signing, it will be auctioned, and its profit will be donated to Instituto Baccarelli. The instrument is already closed, but you can follow all the signatures through their Instagram page or Youtube Channel.