The Finest Violins of Amorim Fine Violins Cremona

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The Finest violins are marked by their incomparable elegance, sound, and characteristics. The selection of the materials and base is essential in violin-making, depending on the kind of wood the maker picks, he/she can achieve a different sound.

The choice of wood, for example, is based on its resonant qualities. Every time the bow touches a string, the entire instrument vibrates. Friends may tell you that as you play more and more concerts with your symphony, your violin will open up and “sound better,” – which is completely true. As the wood dries out over time, it gives a crystal clear sound to the violin.

To create a truly great violin, it’s important to not only be beautiful, but it must also be an excellent performer.

Craftsmen dedicate time and knowledge to create instruments that reflect the best of their knowledge, using techniques passed down through generations. Every detail in the creation of an instrument is important to the luthier. We believe that no two instruments are exactly alike, even if they’re built from the same mold. An instrument represents a voice of its own, which many musicians will use to express themselves through music.

When making an instrument, some luthiers take notes and try to find a good balance between the sound and the reverberation. The most important thing is to train one’s ear and understand all nuances of this intimate moment during the making process. 

As you know, a fine violin takes much more than one can think, which explains its value. The Finest picks from Mio Cannone’s collection aren’t different, each one was handmade especially.


Ferdinando Gagliano was the older of the 3rd generation of the famous Neapolitan violin maker’s family.

Covered with a lovely golden varnish, this Ferdinando Gagliano violin presents most of the typical characteristics of the Neapolitan school that was consolidated by his own generation: The curved shape of the pegbox, the delicate and small design of the scroll, and the Stradivari model of the body and f-holes, with full but elegant and mild arching.



Crafted by one of the most important 20th-century Cremonese master makers. This violin exhibits all the attributes of Francesco Bissolotti’s immense talented skills.

The violin counts with stunning wood, a very fine grain high-quality Italian spruce top, deep flamed maple on the ribs, neck, and scroll, and the beautiful single piece back.

Bissolotti formed generations of Cremonese violin makers in the second half of the 20th century. With his own style, Bissoloti based his instruments on great Italian masterpieces of the past, attentive to the modern maker’s legacy.



A precise copy crafted by a master maker. Luiz’s attentive eyes and skillful hands ensure that the Genova is replicated with the same precision as the original one – not to mention the city of Genova’s mark on the back of the scroll.

The varnish on this instrument is a luminous reddish-brown. Scratches and signs of wear accentuate the original markings and evidence of time and playing.

Luiz dedicates his career to the search for a complete and powerful sound in his instruments, together with the investment in impeccable finishing and aesthetics, imitating the style of the old masters.