The Best Violin Choice For You: Traditional Handcrafted Violins vs Industrialized Violins

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When we talk about finding the perfect or the best violin for you, does it come to mind if a traditional handcrafted or industrialized violin would fit you better? Well, this kind of question is typical when you are considering your options to buy a new instrument, and in the violin market, there are two types of violins. Let’s take a look at them and help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

Traditional Handcrafted Violins vs. Industrialized Violins

Large scale instruments are all produced equally, which means they are made by several individuals in a production-line format. They’re not bad instruments. However, the materials used are often cheaper and inferior. Here the main point is to achieve a certain number of products in a small period of time, well you know how that works! 

The factory-made string instruments are spray-painted, while the handmade ones traditionally hand varnished. The factory-made instruments require little or no setup before shipping. In that respect, one can conclude that they are inferior to the handmade ones.

So, which one is the best violin for you?

From our point of view, the first time you see a handmade violin, it is so unique you won’t know what to expect. The craftsmanship in every detail is evident, and the resulting sound is beautiful to hear. As each string is tightened, the wood vibrates, and the contours of the instrument deepen into a work of art. Unlike the factory-made instruments, a handcrafted one amazes you in all ways, though its value is higher, and consequently, you’ll have to pay more for it. However, the quality is unquestionable!

So, are handmade instruments the best violin choice for you?

A handmade violin has a personality that no factory-made violin will be able to match, and it requires immense skill and precision. When a luthier makes your violin, he has a reason for everything he does. It’s a timeless treasure constructed of the finest materials. Therefore, a handcrafted violin will, without a doubt, give you something, an experience that an industrialized one can’t deliver. 

Violins have sound quality, beauty and elegant appearance. Selecting the materials is important in making a violin. The maker chooses the right wood to get a good result.

The value of a handmade instrument depends on the maker’s skill level and how well-known the maker is. Since a talented craftsman has made this violin, it will always be valuable. A well-looked-after violin holds its value and increases in value over time while you are enjoying playing it.

The secret behind the profession lies in focus and hard-working, and the luthier is the best person you can trust to build an instrument. With years of study, experience, and mentorship (among many other things), the maker makes their skills and style. So with hard work and a bit of magic in the eyes of an outsider, they can suddenly (more like a few months) turn a simple piece of wood into a beautiful instrument.

The best violin is relative to every musician, but one thing we can say for sure: those who have tried a handcrafted violin are always amazed by its beauty. It’s not a cheap option, but if you really can invest in our music, it is the best one.

The benefits are endless, and there’s always a story behind each violin. From the wood to every single fitting, a handmade violin will be carefully designed and crafted to achieve your best expectations as a musician and add to your music. Anyone who has ever played both handmade and large-scale produced violins will notice a significant difference in both sound and feel.

It’s not only the violin that makes a big difference to one’s skill but also the extensiveness of the violin. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy yourself, and if you’re lucky enough to find a good violin, the sound quality will be phenomenal.

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