The Amorim Family

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The Amorim family: a family that treats instruments as pieces of art

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the talented individuals who make our workshop a truly special place. Get to know the Amorim family, the driving force behind our commitment to excellence in violin-making.

Luiz Amorim: Master Maker and Founder

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1964, Luiz started his studies in Mechanics, focused on technical drawing and projects, at the Federal Center of Technological Studies in 1979 and Arts—Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture—at the State School of Music and Fine Arts in 1985. For ten years, Luiz has worked as a professional artist.

He began his instrument-making career in 1995, making lyres and kanteles. By this time, Luiz was learning how to play violin and cello.

In 1998, with the need to be in the classical music scenario, Luiz started learning how to make instruments from the violin family with a maestro who became his partner a few months later.In 2001, Luiz established his own workshop, where he and his family have since been dedicated to the restoration and violin-making work that has become a reference in the industry. In 2018, in collaboration with his family and partners, Luiz opened the new headquarters of his workshop in Cremona, the cradle of violin making, further solidifying his legacy as a master maker.Driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection, Luiz embarked on a quest to create instruments that produce a powerful sound and boast impeccable finishing and aesthetics reminiscent of the old masters. His instruments, crafted with impeccable workmanship and a deep understanding of acoustics, have earned recognition worldwide and are coveted by renowned soloists.

Betina Schreiner: Restorer and Founder

Whose love for art has shaped her journey in the world of violin making and restoration. From a young age, Betina’s life has been intertwined with the world of art, painting ceramics and porcelain with passion and dedication.

Her meticulous restorations reflect her deep affection for each violin that passes through her delicate hands, ensuring that each instrument is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Having studied in the art school, Betina now devotes most of her time to restorations, bringing old instruments back to life with skill and precision. Alongside her husband Luiz, Betina co-founded the workshop in Curitiba, Brazil, in 2001, embarking on a shared journey to provide musicians with instruments that allow them to express themselves fully.Luiz and Betina’s partnership extends beyond their professional collaboration—it is a testament to their enduring love story, which began in 1987 when they first met during a course at the School of Music and Fine Arts. From the moment they met, it was ‘love at first sight,’ and their shared passion for the arts laid the foundation for a lifelong partnership in the world of violin making. Their journey is not just a story of professional success but a testament to the transformative power of love and artistry.

Luan Amorim: CEO and Founder

The visionary CEO and co-founder of Amorim Fine Violins, whose passion for his father’s craft has driven him to become a key player in the world of violin making and sales. Inspired by his father’s remarkable work, Luan knew from an early age that he wanted to help elevate Luiz’s reputation as a world-renowned violin maker.

With a clear vision in mind, Luan sees himself as a merchant bridging the gap between his father’s artistry and the musicians who seek to express themselves through his instruments.

As the company’s salesperson, Luan’s primary focus is on ensuring that the business thrives and that clients find their perfect match among the masterpieces in their collection. With a deep understanding of both the art of violin making and the needs of musicians, Luan guides clients through the search process with expertise and dedication, ensuring that each instrument is found to suit their unique preferences and playing styles.

Gaian Amorim: Head of Workshop and Founder

The dedicated head of the workshop and co-founder of Amorim Fine Violins, whose lifelong passion for violin-making has driven him to pursue excellence in craftsmanship and innovation.

Gaian’s journey in the world of violin-making began in the family atelier. From playing with wood and small tools as a child to building his first violin at the age of 15, Gaian’s journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of perfection and a deep commitment to his craft.

Today, he continues to work alongside his father, Luiz Amorim, in the workshop in Cremona, where they collaborate to push the boundaries of traditional violin making and explore new techniques and innovations.

As the head of the workshop, Gaian is responsible for overseeing the production process and ensuring that each instrument meets the highest standards of quality and precision. From making subtle adjustments to optimizing the acoustics of each instrument, Gaian’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every violin, viola, and cello that leaves the workshop is a masterpiece in its own right.Luan and Gaian have worked tirelessly for over a decade to uphold the family legacy and continue providing musicians with instruments that allow them to express themselves fully. With their combined strengths and shared dedication, they are committed to keeping Amorim Fine Violins at the forefront of the industry, delivering exceptional instruments and unparalleled service to musicians worldwide.