How to Buy a Violin Online

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How to Buy Violin Online: step by step

When looking for a violin, it may be surprising that buying online is not as complicated as it seems. Here’s an overview of how to buy a violin online, sure it’s safe, fits with your budget and musical needs.

Buying online is more common than we thought it would be, but unlike buying in a store, you need to analyze and pay a little bit more attention to some features and aspects. For example, one thing is finding the right online store.

The advantages are infinite, you have more options which makes everything better and at the same time overwhelming. But calm down and breathe! This is good, and it means you can find your perfect violin at a good price and with high quality. Honestly, It’s not that different from buying from a conventional store, and the same care is needed, you will have to be careful when looking it online.

As an online gallery, we have a team of professionals who have over 25 years of experience in the market, making us the right source to help you out with the subject!

Step by step, let us guide you on how to buy an instrument online

  • Just like you would do personally, look for shops that can provide you with a full and safe virtual experience. After all, online or not, choosing a new instrument must be done carefully.
  • Then pay close attention to what you are looking for, violins come in all shapes, sizes, and with unique history. So, deep research on your taste and needs is more than essential. 
  • We recommend extra research time on the sound subject and for what you are needing the new instrument: soloing, orchestral or chamber music? Your sound choice also depends on this.
  • Do you already know what kind of violin you want? It’s time to define your budget. After this, your options will be reduced.
  •  Remember to pay attention to the violin models and their measurements. The model and its size must please you, and this is the tricky part, you’ll have to look at the website info carefully.
  • Did you find the right one? Don’t forget to check the return and refund policies of the shop you intend to buy from. Pay attention if you have a trial period, be aware of the shipping policies, and if the website provides you any support.
  •  Only buy it if you are feeling comfortable and safe. The internet made everything more manageable and more accessible. However, there are still risks.
  • Always ask for its condition report and its certificate of authenticity from a reliable expert. In case it is a new instrument, ask for the maker’s certificate of authenticity.

Now, since you are interested in the subject, let us introduce you to our online violin shop

Thinking about all these aspects, we designed a very safe online gallery with the best tools to help you choose your instrument. We decided to create a bridge between you and the best instruments of nowadays, we stem from a passion for bringing together musicians with their perfect violin, no matter where they are geographically. Buying a violin online won’t be that challenging. 

Meet the talented hands behind every instrument

Our gallery was built in the first place with the purpose of introducing the world to the best violin makers from Cremona, so we aim to give them credit, we want you to meet the real artists. Our meet the makers page brings you their bio, styles and work process in a way that you can get to know them.

A 360-degrees view in all instrument pages, allows you to feel the instrument as it was in your hands, along with the video of a musician playing each one. You can analyze the whole violin aesthetic. Along with the instrument images, you will find the audio and a video of the instrument being played.



Comparing the sound is important when you are buying online

We created a tool to compare our instruments available without leaving the shop. You can compare the essential qualities to find the instrument to complement your music. Choosing up to 4 instruments on the page, you will compare the sound, aesthetic features, makers, sizes, etc.

You can check this video and watch how to do it!



Get free advice from our experts.

If you want to talk with us and ask questions, our experts are willing to help you. Just let us know precisely what you are looking for, and we will provide you with the most suitable instrument for you and your playing style.

Do you need something more personal than what’s available at the shop?

Commission your own Cannone. By commissioning a violin, you will have a unique one that no one else in this world has. It’s exclusive and customized to your needs. We have instruments handcrafted by the world’s greatest makers and curated in Cremona. Our collection includes memorable, reliable, and great-sounding violins.

To make this all an even better experience, you will be assisted from the first contact to the finest detail, such as choosing through all the possibilities of wood, model, varnish, appearance, sound, and accessories.

Last but not least, if you want information, content, and tips on how to take care of your instrument, you can follow our blog, social media pages or even subscribe to our newsletter! We are always providing free content about violins.