Fine Violins: Why They Are The Best Option

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Have you ever wondered what sets fine violins apart from others? Are they worth the extra money?
A handmade violin is the best option for a number of reasons. When you choose something personally crafted by a skilled violin-maker, you are also getting a one of a kind violin. There will be no other instrument made exactly like yours.

The Qualities and Characteristics of Fine Violins

Craftsmen dedicate time and knowledge to create instruments that reflect the best of centuries past, using techniques passed down through generations. Every detail in the creation of an instrument is important to the luthier. We believe that no two instruments are exactly alike, even if they’re built from the same mold. An instrument represents a voice of its own, which many musicians will use to express themselves through music.


A special selection of some of Amorim Fine Violins’ finest instruments


This extraordinary Cremonese violin was crafted by the hands of one of the most celebrated violin makers of the late 18th century. Storioni instruments remain highly prized by musicians and collectors to this day, and his violins are particularly prized for their exceptional tonal qualities, with a rich, powerful sound. This Storioni violin is an exceptional example, well-preserved, and with a superbly strong, clear sound.



This stunning violin was made by the hands of one of the greatest master makers of the classic period of Italian violin-making history. It combines the classical careful, and intense aesthetics expected in Santo Serafin’s instruments and phenomenal acoustic results. It is a perfect snapshot of the best attributes he achieved throughout his career. It is impossible not to think of the charming remaining red Venetian varnish as this violins high-point.



One of the greatest names of Italian modern violin-making crafted this great masterpiece. It is a fine snapshot of the maker’s career, combining his inherited local tradition and his innovative approach to expressing his style, notable in the construction and in the instrument’s powerful voice. From our point of view, this violin’s highlight is the amazing precision of the craftsmanship in every detail of the instrument, all covered by the stunning deep red craquelure varnish that is so characteristic of Fagnola’s instruments.



The hands that made this stunning violin are of one of the greatest modern Italian makers, who owned the highest quality skills and imprinted them in every single instrument. Besides the extremely good condition, the very preserved and elegant thick carved edges are the high point of this violin from our perspective. 


Since the 15th century, Italy has been home to some of the world’s finest violins. Nearly every legendary violinist carried an Italian-made instrument. Some musicians have even claimed to have bad performances because their violins weren’t made in Italy!

Violins are made of resonant wood that produces sound from vibrations. As you play more and more concerts with your symphony, your violin will open up and “sound better”. In fact, the more you play the violin, the more the wood dries up, giving it a crystal-clear sound. In the same spot in the Italian Alps where luthiers plucked trees centuries ago, a collection of spruce trees has been dubbed “Il Bosco Che Suona”—The Musical Woods.

Fine violins carry a rich history and provenance that sets them apart as the pinnacle of craftsmanship and artistry. These instruments often trace their lineage back to legendary violin makers of the past, such as Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, and Amati, whose names have become synonymous with excellence. Crafted using centuries-old techniques and meticulous attention to detail, fine violins are not only masterpieces in their own right but also cherished heirlooms that have been passed down through generations.

The combination of exceptional tonal qualities, unparalleled responsiveness, and exquisite beauty make fine violins the preferred choice for discerning musicians and collectors alike. The carefully selected tonewoods, precise craftsmanship, and the ability to project a wide dynamic range make fine violins a perfect instrument for expressing the nuances and emotions of the music. Whether in the hands of a virtuoso performer on the concert stage or an avid enthusiast in an intimate setting, the unmatched resonance and depth of sound produced by a fine violin creates an immersive and captivating musical experience.

One of the remarkable aspects of fine violins is their ability to increase in value over time. These instruments have captivated musicians and collectors with their exceptional sound and proved to be a sound investment. As fine violins age, their rarity and historical significance increases, making them highly sought after in the market. The limited supply of instruments crafted by renowned violin makers and their enduring reputation contribute to the increase in value.

Each passing year adds to the instrument’s provenance as they become part of the violin’s captivating story. Fine violins often gain value as they find their way into the hands of accomplished musicians, play in prestigious concerts, and become cherished treasures within renowned orchestras. As a result, owning a fine violin can be an investment that brings immense musical joy and offers the potential for significant financial appreciation over time.