Violin Maker
Paolo Antonio Testore

Italy, Milan

The yonger son of the Testore family, Paolo Antonio's Instruments present a deeply personal strong character. The analysis of his output leads to interpretate the sound and acoustic result as his mainfocus when crafting the instruments over the aesthetical concern. His finest instruments represent an important chapter of the history of the Milanese Violin-making School.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Paolo Antonio Testore


New making style: n/a


Master Maker

Milanese Violin-Making Tradition

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Soloist concert masterpieces

Locally making

Italy, Milan

Maker Background

Born in c.1690 in Milan, Paolo Antonio was the younger son of the family patriarch, Carlo Giuseppe. His production was rather limited in comparison to his father and to his elder brother, Carlo Antonio, with whom he strictly cowerked with until 1710. The considerable variance on the quality of his works is not due to any inconsistence of his craftsmanship skills, as his gifted hand noticed in his finest instruments could not be so if inconsistent, but most probably due to the different levels of instruments the family would make to offer to different costumers ranges.

The top tier ones show an elegant and well-carved arching, high quality wood and fine varnish applied, originally purfled back-plate, and the fully carved scroll. In the other hand, the also usual, suposedly "lower class" violins were made with plain materials, sometimes with local wood, thinner varnish texture, fake drawn purfling at the back (many of which were later purflied by restorers), and the plain scroll back, partially fluted made at a faster pace, to be offered at lower prices. The analysis of his output leads to interpretate the sound and acoustic result as his main focus when crafting the instruments over the aesthetical concern.

Paolo Antonio died in Milan in 1767. Throughout his carreer his work had different influences. From the style inherited from his father and the Grancino Family, to the presence in town of G.B Guadagnini after 1749, and later by his collaboration with Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi.

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