Violin Maker
Martin Stoyanov

Cremona, Italy

For several years Martin has been researching the acoustic field. All of his instruments are designed individually, starting from the raw piece of wood. His energies are focused on building a comfortable, easy-to-play instrument that offers maximum acoustic performance.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Martin Stoyanov

Age: 40


Experience: 21 Years

New making style: AntiquedCopyNew


Experienced Maker

Graduated at the Antonio Stradivari School of Violin Making in Cremona

Cremonese Traditional Handcraftsmanship

Works with Own Model

Award Holder


2008, 2nd place and silver medal at the violin making competition ANLAI Pisogne, Italy

Locally making

Cremona, Italy

Maker Background

Martin Stoyanov was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, in 1984. From 1999 to 2003, he attended the "International High School of Art and Design" (Kazanlak), where he graduated in violin-making class.

In 2008 he got his degree at the International Violin Making School of Cremona. During his studies, he improved his style and technique in violin making with Master Wanna Zambelli. In the last two years of school, he attended the art of restoration of string instruments under the guidance of Alessandro Voltini and Claudio Amighetti.

From 2008-2009 he worked in Master Fabio Volta's private workshop, where he acquires his own craftsmanship and his own personal style in the construction.

In 2014 he opened his own workshop in the historical center of Cremona. He concentrates his work on the making of new and antique instruments varnished with high-quality handmade oil varnish. During all phases of construction have been respected traditions Liuteria Cremonensis with particular attention to the tonal quality and setting-up.

Maker Interview

Why did you start making instruments?

I have always wanted to be a carver, and I was preparing to take exams for one of the most famous carving schools in the country when I discovered that in Kazanlak at the National art school every four years they form a class of luthiers. I didn’t think twice and signed up for the entrance exams. I think I made the right choice, or it was my destiny to become a luthier. I found a job I love to do.

Why your instruments are so special?

I put a lot of effort into making an instrument. I start from the rough piece of wood and work, studying every detail. Each instrument must be done for itself. As in nature, no two pieces of wood are alike, and my violins must be designed based on the properties of the raw material. I only work with well-seasoned materials and pay a lot of attention to quality and the wood properties.

The varnish I prepare by myself is one of my strong points. It is the outcome of years of work and researches. It is a natural Amber-based oil varnish - thin, flexible, transparent, and enhances the wood's structure.

I have developed my own work style, still following the canons that distinguish Cremonese violin making. I started attending violin-making school at the age of 14, and after graduating, I continued my studies in the excellent violin-making school in Cremona. In particular, I was a pupil in Maestro Fabio Volta's workshop, where I perfected my style.

What is your inspiration?

For years I am perfecting my style. I like to be myself and to distinguish this trait of mine even in my instruments. My work is continuously evolving as we all are in life.

A man can always improve and learn something new, and I follow this logic in my work. For me, it is essential to create instruments that are not only beautiful but that offer excellent performance. I find it necessary to work alongside the musician; it is the only way to understand his needs. I am so happy when my clients come out of the workshop satisfied, and there is no greater fulfillment for me.

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