Bow Maker
Louis Henri Gillet

France, Paris

Louis Gillet is one of the most prominent heirs of Sartory's legacy. His bows are recognized by their impactful sound and playability. Despite being influenced by different masters and references throughout his career, Gillet always preserved his very own personal approach.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Louis Henri Gillet


New making style: n/a


Fine French bow-making tradition

Trained in the finest modern workshops

Excpetional Craftsmanship

Praised by world-class soloists

Locally making

France, Paris

Maker Background

Louis Gillet was born in Nancy, France in 1891. His Grandfather was a bow-maker, and his father, François Edouard Gillet, was a violinmaker, that unfortunately died too young to pass his knowledges to his son. In 1906, Louis Gillet moved form Nancy to Mirecourt to be trained as a bow-maker, time when he worked for the Thibouville-Lamy until his apprenticeship was interrupted when he was called to join the French forces in the Great War. After the end of the war, Gillet worked for the Laberte workshop for a few years, until he stablished his own shop in Dijon in 1924, period in which he worked basically making commissioned bows for other companies.

Louis Gillet best outcome was to come later, under the influence of the great master Sartory’s, who he assisted from 1934 on replacing Jules Fetique in the position. The master’s influence in Gillet’s work is notable, at the same time he managed to preserve his very own style aspects, as the characteristic head’s flat, wide cheeks. His bows are sought after by musicians due to their strong grip and responsiveness. After the masters death, Gillet remained working for Sartory's Son-in-Law another few years.

In the last period of his career, Gillet crowned his hall of influence by making bows in the style of Peccatte, changing his round and elegant approach for a more square and sharp style, strong and impactant visual.

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