Violin Maker
Lorenzo Frignani

Italy, Modena

Lorenzo initiated his career in violin-making in 1986 and deals with the making and restoration of stringed and plucked instruments for over forty years. He has been involved in the international music community for many years, training students. Lorenzo Frignani received numerous honors and awards for his musical instruments, conceived and organized exhibitions of musical instruments in Parma, Finale Emilia, Medolla, Pieve di Cento, Spezzano, and Rome.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Lorenzo Frignani


Experience: 38 Years


Master Maker

Bow-making Knowledge


Violin Making Researcher


2010, the "Premio Spataffi" city of Gubbio.

2011, the "City of Fiuggi" prize as a luthier of the year.

2016, the "City of Alexandria" prize for luthier of the year

"The Bonissima" award as “Excellence” from the city of Modena

Locally making

Italy, Modena

Maker Background

Starting in 1986, Lorenzo has been making unique masterpieces, being praised worldwide. In addition to his work as a luthier, he is deeply involved in many other aspects of the international music community. Lorenzo also participated in several juries in international bow violin-making competitions such as Baveno, Pisogne, and Sesto Fiorentino; he has trained many students, today affirmed luthiers and works as an expert consultant for insurance companies such as Assicurarte (Cremona).

Lorenzo Frignani received numerous honors and awards for his musical instruments conceived and organized exhibitions of musical instruments in Parma, Finale Emilia, Medolla, Pieve di Cento, Spezzano, and Rome. From 1992 to 1998, he received several awards in national and international competitions of Bagnacavallo and Baveno.

He's a President and belongs to two organizations, ALI Professionals (Italian Association of Violin Makers Professionals) and ALADFI (French Bow Makers Association). He's the Conservator of Stradivari guitar "Sabionari" present at the Museum of the Cremona violin and is currently developing new research on the face of conservation and cataloging of historical instruments and performs regularly in Modena.

Lorenzo Frignani's instruments are particularly appreciated for their acoustic value both in terms of balance and projection. These characteristics continue to enthuse musicians of all levels. Frignani's instruments have frequently won first prize for their acoustic output in various international competitions.

Maker Interview

What is your inspiration?

Frignani uses classical Italian models with a particular focus on the violin-making traditions of the Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy regions for the construction of new instruments.

Why your instruments are so special?

Lorenzo Frignani’s workshop has been dealing in the construction, repair, and restoration of stringed instruments, violins, and violas in particular, for many years.

Great care is taken in the selection of primary materials; only woods that have undergone a natural seasoning process for a particular length of time are used. He pays particular attention to the varnishing of the instruments which can be carried out with products containing either an oil or alcohol base. These varnishes are prepared according to the traditional formulas/compounds and production methods that were originally used.

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