Violin Maker
Hiller & Son

Germany, Regensburg

Father and son united by the passion of violin-making and working together to create true masterpieces. It all started with Bernd, who obtained his master in craftsman's diploma in 1986 under the guidance of violin maker Bernhard Wölz. Daniel followed the steps of his father and they now work together in their workshop in Germany. They make each instrument to be easy to play, rich in overtones, and comfortable in the hand and neck.
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Short Bio

Full Name: Hiller & Son

Age: 61


Experience: 44 Years

New making style: AntiquedNew


Master Maker

Senior Master of the Guild of Musical Instrument Makers of the Vogtland.

Instruments played by Orchestras Worldwide

Member of the International Viola Association


1990 first price Viola “Jacobus Stainer” Competition

Locally making

Germany, Regensburg

Maker Background

Bernd Hiller, born in 1963 in Berlin, completed his education in Markneukiren under master violin maker Bernhard Wölz. He obtained his master craftsman´s diploma in 1986. In 1990, he was awarded the first prize in the violin maker’s competition “Jacobus Stainer” in the viola category. He is a member of the International Viola Association, the German Union of Violin Makers (VDG), and the Guild of Musical Instrument Makers of the Vogtland.

Daniel Hiller, after receiving his journeyman´s certificate at his father´s workshop, Daniel collected a great deal of experience in master workshops in Germany with violin maker Thilo Kürten in Düsseldorf, Wilhelm Brüner in Erfurt, and bow maker Günther Paulus in Markneukiren. Since 2009 he has been collaborating with his father in his workshop. Daniel obtained his master craftsman´s diploma in 2012. He is a senior master of the Guild of Musical Instrument Makers of the Vogtland.

Maker Interview

Why did you start making instruments?

Music has accompanied me all my life. My father, a musicologist, my music education in music in Berlin, and my early fascination with stringed instruments brought me to the Vogtland region in my youth to learn the craft of violin making.

What famous people play your instruments?

We are known for our violas and violins. They are played in many orchestras worldwide. Our instruments are loved by international musicians like Thomas Riebl, Annette Isserlis, quartets like the Minetti Quartet and the Notos Quartet, and many many others.

Why your instruments are so special?

First impressions count. We build each instrument to be easy to play, rich in overtones, and comfortable in the hand and neck. From the wood splitting to the finished instrument, everything is made by hand in our workshop. Feeling, skill and years of experience ensure a unique sound experience that musicians worldwide appreciate.

What is your inspiration?

Always looking for new methods to improve and fully maximize the acoustic possibilities of each instrument.

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