Violin Maker
Enrico Rocca

Genova, Italy

Enrico Rocca learned violin making from his father, but initially he struggled to establish himself as a maker. Returning to violin making later, Rocca's style, akin to Eugenio Praga's, exudes spontaneity and directness. His prolific period began in the 1890s, marked by a distinctive craftsmanship characterized by expressiveness and personal flair.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Enrico Rocca


New making style: n/a

Locally making

Genova, Italy

Maker Background

Enrico Rocca was born in Turin in 1847 but moved to Genova at a young age. He learnt the art of violin making with his father Giuseppe, and his first violins are very much alike his dad’s. Unfortunately, Giuseppe died when Enrico as 17 years old, he even finished some instruments his father has left however he was not able to stablish himself as a violin maker at that time.

He continued working in Genova as a carpenter and returned to the art of violin making a few years later. In terms of style, Rocca's craftsmanship bears similarities to his Genoese counterpart Eugenio Praga. There's a strong possibility of idea exchange between them, yet Rocca's work stands out for its remarkable spontaneity and straightforward approach. His prolific years in the violin making field started around 1890s. He has a craftsmanship easily recognizable, with a very expressive work and personal character.

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