Violin Maker
Enrico Marchetti

Italy, Turin

Born in Milan in 1855, Enrico Marchetti was one of the finest Turinese violin makers of the 20th century. He began his apprenticeship at 14, working for one of Milan’s last traditional violin makers.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Enrico Marchetti


New making style: n/a


Master Maker


Turinese Traditional Handcraftsmanship

Award Holder

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Locally making

Italy, Turin

Maker Background

Born in Milan in 1855, Enrico Marchetti was just about to be one of the finest Turinese makers of the 20th century. He began his apprenticeship at 14, working for one of Milan’s last traditional violin makers. In 1874, he got to Turin, a city renowned for its violins even in those days, thanks to the heritage left by G.B. Guadagnini. After a few years working as a dealer for Gioffredo-Rinaldi, Marchetti established his roots as a violin maker.

As he evolved into the profession, he started to achieve new places and make his name with his instruments. The competition-free environment in Turin during the 1880s let Marchetti rise, participating in several exhibitions and competitions locally and internationally – achieving 18 medals throughout his whole career. Inspired by a young group of violin makers, Marchetti moved to Courgnè, where he could concentrate exclusively on producing his fine violins. In 1912 Enrico Marchetti returned to Turin because the demand for Piedmontese makers had increased.

You can clearly see his Italian character printed in his work in his late period. His work from the 1880s to the 1900s is what earned him his awards. It featured the free Italian style and also a great attention to detail.

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