Bow Maker
Christian Albert Nürnberger

Germany, Markneukirchen

Albert Nürnberger, a distinguished figure in the world of bow making, perpetuated the legacy of the renowned Nürnberger family workshop. With a master's examination in Markneukirchen he ventured into independent craftsmanship, returning to Markneukirchen to revive the family workshop's tradition. Nürnberger's bows continue to exemplify excellence in the field.Read more

Short Bio

Full Name: Christian Albert Nürnberger


New making style: n/a


Traditional German Bow-making

Family legacy

High-end crafstmanship

Great playability

Locally making

Germany, Markneukirchen

Maker Background

Christian Albert Nürnberger, born in 1947, began his journey in bow making under the guidance of his grandfather, Carl Albert Nürnberger, from 1964 to 1966. Subsequently, he immersed himself in the craft at the VEB Sinfonia until 1977, where the Nürnberger workshop was incorporated. Following his master's examination in Markneukirchen in 1972, he ventured into independent craftsmanship, establishing his own shop in Berlin in 1978. His tenure in Berlin, marked by close collaboration with musicians and creative autonomy, proved instrumental in shaping his craft.

Notable recognition came in 1989, with a silver medal at the 1st international violin and bow making competition in Mittenwald. In 1994, Albert Nürnberger returned to Markneukirchen, revitalizing the esteemed family workshop. His bows, crafted in the traditional family style, boast darkly stained sticks treated with linseed oil, adorned with the iconic "Nürnberger eyes" on the frogs.

Marked with the distinguished ALBERT NURNBERGER family stamp, framed by two stars, his bows uphold the legacy of the renowned Nürnberger family workshop, renowned for its high-quality bows, particularly the Tourte model. The traditional family brand, "Albert Nürnberger", remains synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship, passed down through generations, including Christian Albert, continuing the legacy of excellence.

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