A Violin by Elena Bardella

Cremona Violin by Elena Bardella, Cremona, 2019

This cremona violin, a Stradivari model, was crafted by the hands of a master maker. Elena’s long experience as a violin maker allows expressiveness in her characteristic work. For us, the precisely cut f-holes and the delicately carved scroll are this violin’s highlights. More

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      Full description

      For this cremona violin, the well-chosen materials are covered by red-orange textured oil varnish. The sides and neck follow the same figure as the back. We offer you a violin to follow you in your successful journey as a musician.
      "Making a violin is always a new experience that takes advantage of the expertise and knowledge of decades of practice. Each time I relate to something that will be a new creation once the work is finished. During each phase, the material reveals its characteristics mainly because wood is a live material. And because of that, sometimes the job of a skillful luthier is to modify his initial project correctly. It is a joy to hear and feel how the plates I am making vibrate in my hands. My job is to bring out the best of it, to honor that part of a tree that lived for hundreds of years. I feel that I am responsible for giving life, which I felt while building this violin. For this cremona violin instrument, I decided to use a two-piece, well-flamed maple back obtained from an old cello back to revalue and give new life to this precious material. The paired table has about thirty years of seasoning. Sound, compactness, lightness, refraction of light and seasoning are the characteristics of the materials I prefer to use for the violin." Elena Bardella  

      Elena Bardella

      Elena Bardella has vast experience within her career as a violin maker. After establishing her workshop in Cremona in 1989, she has participated in various national and international exhibitions. She learned with her teacher, Scrollavezza, the vision of the totality, the care, and the passion for the softness of the lines without neglecting the decisive trait.Learn more


      Back Length
      355 mm
      Upper Bout
      165 mm
      Center Bout
      111 mm
      Lower Bout
      207 mm
      String Length
      328 mm

      sound characteristics

      Dark, sweet, and round

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        Do you want to know more about this masterpiece? Contact us, and our experts can share their thoughts on this beautiful instrument. Let us help and advise you to find your dream instrument.

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